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Your relationship has been off for a while. You not sure what it is. Or maybe you do. But it's hard to admit. You want to feel more connected. You desire a partner who wholehearted listens, understands, and is able to communicate their wants and needs.

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Couples Counseling | Marriage Counseling

Helping you create a relationship where you feel safe, deeply connected, and loved by your partner!

Couples Counseling, Relationship Counseling, and Marriage Counseling. Call it what you will, it all means the same. Ultimately it's a type of psychotherapy. Couples Counseling can help couples of all kinds of intimate relationships — regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.

Navigating intimate relationships can be a complicated journey. Regardless of where your starting, I can help you get moving in the right direction for you.

I love guiding and supporting couples through the rough waters, helping them plot the most fulfilling course for each individually and as a couple. Ultimately, I'd love to help you create a relationship where you feel safe, deeply connected, and loved by your partner! 

However, I also know that not every couple is seeking to reconnect but instead wish to end their romantic relationship with dignity and grace. Regardless of where you are, I am here to support you both with the path you choose.

Why do couples go to counseling?

Couples seek counseling for many reasons. You and your partner might desire to deepen and strengthen your bond. For instance, you might wish to increase your ability to communicate or deepen your emotional intimacy. 

As a couple, you might be approaching significant decisions which would affect you both. These decisions could be considering living together, getting engaged or married, contemplating having children or how to raise them, relocating your family and more. 

Maybe you have come to recognize there are significant struggles you're facing as a couple. If these issues have gone unaddressed for too long, one or both of you might be considering separation or divorce.

Are you still unclear if couples therapy is right for you and your partner? Consider the following list of reasons why other couples choose Couples Counseling?

  • Before Making Major Life Decisions
  • Improve Communication
  • Emotional Intimacy Issues or Feelings Disconnected 
  • Sexual Issues  
  • Differing Parenting Styles
  • Financial or Employment Issues 
  • Separation, Divorce or Remarriage
  • Grief or Loss
  • Family Conflicts
  • Other Sources of Stress or Adjustment

Okay, so you've decided you and your partner have some things to work on. But you're wondering, "Can counseling really help us? What will we actually work on in therapy anyway?" Although the process and goals differ from one couple to the next, here are some common benefits and areas which can be addressed. 

How can Couples Counseling help my relationship?

  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Begin to discuss and address issues which have previously been avoided
  • Reconnect emotionally
  • Understand one another on a deeper level, including strengths and vulnerabilities 
  • Understand how your early lives affected your relationships with your partner 
  • Understand and express your needs openly and honestly 
  • Develop skills to manage conflict and improve your communication
  • Develop patterns or rituals which enrich, support and deepen your connection.
  • Learn to see their relationship in a new way.
  • Change unhealthy or dysfunctional behaviors.
  • Identify your strengths in a relationship. 

How do I know if you're the right counselor of us?

Choosing a psychotherapist is a deeply personal process. It's important to find someone who's not only knowledgeable but also someone you feel comfortable sharing your life experiences, thoughts and feelings as well as present concerns.

Find out if I'm a good fit for you by scheduling a free phone consultation. You can also schedule your First Session and see how we fit during our time together. I look forward to speaking with you.

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Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Relationship Counseling | Columbia, MO

Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Relationship Counseling | Columbia, MO

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