Life Transitions & Changes

Changes are hard. Don't go it alone.

I am here to guide, support, encourage and teach you the tools to face anything thrown your way.

Did you experience a significant loss? Maybe a loved one, job, relationship, or pet? Are you beginning college or just graduating? Joining the workforce for the first time? Getting married, adopting or having a child? Are you going through a breakup, separation or divorce? Have you recently moved or relocated? Changing jobs or even your entire career path? Did someone you love pass away?  These are major changes you might be experiencing.

So, what are life transitions?

Life transitions can be a significant life change, wanted or unwanted. Change is difficult. Even the most beautiful and celebrated moments of your life can bring growing pains. 

You have already successful conquered many challenging transitions in your life and will likely face many more. 

From the moment we are born to the moment we leave this earth we are all in a constant state of transitioning and learning to adjust. Often this goes unnoticed as these changes can be incremental changes over more extended periods of time. Other times, it’s an earthquake or a tidal wave, rocking our foundation, dragging us under and drowning us. 

Not all of these transitions are unwelcome, but all involve some degree of change. For many of us, change can be scary – even the most amazing joyful times can require a significant degree of support as we find our balance again.

Here are some typical examples:

  • Starting or ending a relationship
  • Marriage
  • Graduating College
  • Career
  • Relocating
  • Retiring
  • Chronic Illness
  • Death of a loved one
  • Traumatic Event
  • More

As a result of these experiences, you may be struggling with the feeling of loss. A loss is often associated with the milestones of our lives. Any significant loss or change can fill us with feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, anxiety, despair, and dread. Whatever feelings you are experiencing are normal, although some may be deeply unwanted as they cause discomfort or distress. 

You may not feel adequately prepared to manage or cope with these feelings or events on your own. Fortunately, YOU are not alone. I am here with you.

I will help you navigate the steep road ahead. I am here to guide, support, encourage and teach you the tools to face anything thrown your way. 

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