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Therapy for Women

Therapy for Women

Therapy for WomenTherapy for WomenTherapy for Women

Empowering you with the tools to strengthen your relationships, create meaningful connections & love yourself!

Empowering YOU to own your story!

As a therapist, my passion is helping women see their worth, cultivate deep meaningful relationships, and create the life they desire. You are the author of your own stroy. 

Counseling for Women in Columbia, MO

A safe place to learn, heal and grow. Here you can be your authentic self and share your concerns.

Reaching out for help is hard. My goal is to make it easy. 

My boutique private practice values diversity, is LGBTQ+ friendly, and partners with people from all walks of life. Your sessions here afford you a safe, comfortable atmosphere for you to share your pain, gain insight, explore new ways to cope, so you find relief. There is hope. You can create a meaningful life full of love, laughter, and deep, meaningful connections!

You deserve to be healthy and happy. Every person deserves respect, compassion, understanding, acceptance, connection, and love. Showing up and allowing people to see who you really are is vulnerable. I accept you as you are.  It takes courage to reach out. It's a privilege when someone allows you into their inner world, and shares the deepest parts of themselves. 

Real change starts with you! I invite you to contact me for a FREE 15-minute consultation. I'm happy to speak with you via phone, text, or email. Or, if you ready to get to work, schedule your first counseling session. Either way, complete my online Consultation Form to get started.

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Anxiety counseling, Depression Counseling, Marriage Counseling, BPD

Elizabeth Hocker, M.Ed., LPC

Owner of Elizabeth Hocker Counseling & Brave Counseling & Wellness.

My Practice

Specialties & Areas of Interest

My passion is helping you embrace your worth, create deep meaningful relationships, and heal from painful life experiences.  I love working with women, helping them address self-esteem, relationship issues, stress and anxiety, depression, and trauma.  I also love helping women navigate their professional goals. Life is full of new chapters and I'm here to help you manage those transitions such as attending college, graduating, a new relationship or divorce, motherhood, a new career and more! 

You are a person, not a disorder.

YOU are a person, never a diagnosis, regardless of what you're facing.

As a person, I often dislike labels. As a therapist, I recognize "labels" can be useful to guide treatment. However, I consider myself someone who works with people rather than only specializes in a specific disorder. You are a person, not a diagnosis. I'm here to help you with whatever it is you are facing. And while you may present to counseling with a desire to address a particular issue, you may quickly discover there are other areas you wish to explore. While I may have specialties or specific areas of interest, I'm here to help you face anything you find troubling in your life. Let's connect!

My Clients Appreciate...

Smoothly Beginning Therapy

Therapy Style & Active Approach

Smoothly Beginning Therapy

Comfortable Office Vibe

Therapy Style & Active Approach

Smoothly Beginning Therapy

Therapy Style & Active Approach

Therapy Style & Active Approach

Therapy Style & Active Approach

Modern Tech Savvy Practice

A Responsive Therapist & Available Between Appointments

Therapy Style & Active Approach

A Responsive Therapist & Available Between Appointments

A Responsive Therapist & Available Between Appointments

A Responsive Therapist & Available Between Appointments

Consistent Reserved Appointment Times

A Responsive Therapist & Available Between Appointments

A Responsive Therapist & Available Between Appointments

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1. Reach Out

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2. Schedule Appointment & Complete Online Intake Paperwork

We will connect by phone or email to answer any questions you have and schedule your first session. It's important you feel comforable every step of the way.

3. Let's Meet!

From the very first session, we will dive into your current symptoms, history, goals and you'll be given a few tangible tools to help you achieve relief. Keep in mind, we will go at your pace. It's okay if you would prefer not to share something during your first session. 

Let's Connect!

The BEST way to connect is by completing my Consultation Form above!

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I will always contact you within one business day. Therefore, if you do not hear from me, I did not receive your message. Please reach out again as I desire to help you in any way I can!

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