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Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

Individual Counseling

Providing Individual Counseling, Therapy and Psychotherapy  in Columbia, Missouri | Elizabeth Hocker

Folks come to counseling for a variety of reasons. You might be struggling with a mental health concern like depression, anxiety, substance use, or an eating disorder. 

Of you might be going through a life transition or you wish to improve your more important relationship, the one with yourself. 

I work with adults facing a variety of issues, and no issues are too great or small. There are a few areas I'm particularly passionate. Learn More.  

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling, Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling in Columbia, Missouri | Elizabeth Hocker

Is your relationship with the one you love collapsing? Are you on the verge of a breakup or divorce? Do you want to save your relationship? Or do you need help to ease the transition, finding a healthy way to end things?

Maybe things are great - but you know there's always room for improvement. Perhaps you need a little help to learn how to communicate with your partner. 

 Navigating intimate relationships can be a complex journey. Regardless of where your starting, I can help you get moving in the right direction for you.

Family Counseling


Is your loved one abusing alcohol or drugs? Do you have a family member struggling with an addiction? Do they refuse to get help? Is there behavior impacted you and your family?

I work with families as they face issues related to substance use and addition. 

Group Counseling

Group Counseling, Group Therapy in Columbia, Missouri | Elizabeth Hocker

The structure and topics for group counseling vary greatly. I enjoy providing groups which aim to educate, encourage and support each member. I create a safe space for you to process your thoughts and feelings and begin to ask for what you need.

Are you interested in attending a group? Are you looking for a particular type of group or topic? 

Let me know what type of group you want!

Walk + Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy, Walk + Talk Therapy, Anxiety and Depression Counseling, Weight Loss Therapy

Research indicates simply being outdoors in the presence of nature has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being. You might find it easier to open up or appreciate the boost in serotonin. You could benefit if you experience: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, or are working to improve self-care. Contact me to arrange an off-site, outdoor session today. Learn More! 

Long Distance Counseling Telehealth

Telehealth Therapy, Telehealth Counseling, Online Counseling, Video Counseling, Distance Counseling

I ensure you have access to my services.  Can you not make it to the office? No worries! If you're unable to meet face-to-face due to other factors, we can meet exclusively using telehealth.

Please be aware that not all issues are appropriate for telehealth counseling. Therefore, please contact me to find out more! 

Attend counseling from anywhere, by phone or via Secure HIPPA Compliant Video. 

You are a person, not a disorder.

I can help you with an array of concerns. Mental Health, Substance Use & Addiction, Relationship Issues and Personal Growth. Regardless of what your are facing your a person, never a diagnosis.

I consider myself someone who works with people rather than specializes in specific disorders or issues. This is primarily due to my desire to assist you with whatever it is you are facing. I also have found while you may present to counseling with a desire to address one particular issue, you may quickly discover there are other areas you wish to explore. 

It is important to understand while I may have areas of interest, I want to work alongside you on anything you find troubling in your life experience.  Please feel free to discuss any issues you're experiencing. 

As we meet and get to know one another, we can discuss the best treatment options together.

Special Populations


All Are Welcome!

As a counselor, I recognize there are special populations who may be searching for a practitioner who is going to be open-minded, compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding issues which may be unique to them. The following are groups of individuals I have a passion for working with, and all are welcome!


I Work With A Variety of Individuals

College Students 




Minority Individuals 


Substance Abuse 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.