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Boutique Counseling, Not Managed Care

My unique boutique counseling practice provides you many advantages.

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Complete autonomy and decision making regarding your treatment
  •  Flexibility in treatment
  • Prevents the need for a diagnostic mental health label to become part of your permanent record
  • A holistic person-centered approach to treatment from your counselor
  • A counselor with a smaller caseload, with the ability to spend additional time outside of sessions supporting you.
    • Meaning, I will have the time necessary to prepare for sessions and get your individualized resources. 
    • I am more accessible between sessions. I respond to phone calls and emails quickly. 
    • I can provide appointments for emergency sessions when needed.

Out-Of-Network Insurance

If you choose to use your Out-Of-Network Insurance Benefits, I will provide you with a receipt of services, also known as a “Superbill.” Utilizing insurance is your choice. You may then submit this to your insurance company. 

Please be aware your insurance may choose to cover all, some or none of these services. Therefore, before your first session, I suggest you contact your insurance company to verify your out-of-network coverage of outpatient mental health services.

You are more than your symptoms or diagnosis.

As a therapist I tend to adopt a more humanist approach which strives to depathologise the human condition. In other words, I believe first and foremost you are a person, not a diagnostic label.  

Why do I work directly with you vs. insurance companies?

I choose to work with YOU and NOT for insurance companies. Counselors who work with insurance companies are required to make concessions as do their clients. I chose to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic process and the work we do together.


You deserve complete confidentiality.


Being your true authentic self and confiding in someone else to help you is challenging enough. Trust is the cornerstone to developing a healthy relationship between us. You need to know what you share with me isn’t disclosed to anyone. 

I will only disclose your information if you give your explicit permission in writing. I would also be required by law and my professional ethics if you stated you planned to harm yourself or others.

However, insurance companies can require me to disclose your information in order to receive reimbursement. 

You as a Person and NOT a diagnosis.


Insurance companies require you to be labeled with a diagnosis to receive treatment. This diagnosis indicates why you are seeking treatment. However, I believe you do not need a diagnosis to benefit from counseling. Also, this diagnostic label becomes a part of your permanent medical record. A diagnosis should be viewed as merely a tool to help inform treatment.  I believe these labels can be stigmatizing, preventing you from seeking the support and treatment you need to thrive.

You are in charge of your treatment.

Insurance companies dictate the length of each session, duration of treatment, and the types of treatment they chose to cover. I believe you should make these decisions as only you know what’s best for you. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.