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My group counseling practice, Brave, is offering a fantastic 4-Week Workshop. We provide support, education, tools and resources.

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Group Counseling

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The structure and topics for groups counseling vary considerably. I enjoy providing groups which aim to educate, encourage and support each member. I create a safe space for you to process your thoughts and feelings and begin to ask for what you need.

I enjoy running process groups where members are encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Members are invited to provide fellow participates support, empathetic, and feedback along with alternative points of view.

Group Therapy provides the unique opportunity to learn, grow and change by interacting with other group members. Members also receive ongoing support and encouragement. 

Group Therapy provides you with the opportunity to address your concerns, connect with others experiencing similar issues, to learn and try new behaviors, and to increase your self-awareness.

It can be difficult to share personal thoughts, feelings, and concerns with others, especially someone you don't know. You might be feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed by the idea of sharing not only with one new person but several. You're not alone! Already you'll have other things in common with the other members of the group.

However,  over time you'll become more at ease with disclosing your thoughts and feelings as you develop trust with the other members. Groups can help you in many ways including enhancing communication skills, learning social skills, developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, learning to trust and develop healthy friendships and intimate relationships. 

You will also begin to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, allowing you to gain insight which supports practical changes in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors over time. Groups can also have a positive impact on your current relationships as well as developing new relationships. Psychotherapy in any form aims to improve your quality of life. Group Counseling is another beautiful way to achieve a happier, healthier you!

I want to hear from you, what types of groups or topics you would most benefit from? What groups are you interested in attending?

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Group Counseling & Group Therapy Columbia, Missouri | Contact me and tell me what groups you want!

Group Counseling & Group Therapy Columbia, Missouri | Contact me and tell me what groups you want!