My Approach

Considering YOUR Needs

There are a wide variety of philosophies, theoretical approaches, and styles. Some therapists adopt a purist form in which they follow one strict theory. Other therapists recognize there is no one size which fits all in the therapeutic process. To deliver the most effective treatment possible, they utilize any technique, style, and approach which they believe is the most effective based on the individual they are working with at the moment.

As a therapist, I know you are a unique individual and therefore your treatment should be uniquely tailored to your individual needs to assist you with any difficulties you may be experiencing. Therefore, while I do tend to utilize Person Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, my approach to counseling is integrative and eclectic. This meaning I combine and pull from a variety of theoretical philosophies, approaches, and strategies. By combining a variety of approaches, I can best meet your needs.

Special Populations:

All Are Welcome!

As a counselor, I recognize there are special populations who may be searching for a practitioner who is going to be open-minded, compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding issues which may be unique to them. The following are groups of individuals I have a passion for working with, but all are welcome!

I Work With A Variety of Individuals

College Students 




Minority Individuals 


Substance Abuse 


Special Issues

I consider myself someone who works with people rather than specialize in specific disorders or issues. This is primarily due to my desire to assist you with whatever it is you are facing. I also have found while you may present to counseling with a desire to address one particular issue, you may quickly discover there are other areas you wish to explore. It is important to understand while I may have areas of interest, I want to work alongside you on anything you find troubling in your life experience.  Please feel free to discuss any issue or issues you are facing. As we meet and get to know one another, we can discuss the best treatment options together.

Some of the Various Concerns I Can Help You Face:

· Abandonment · Abuse, Neglect & Trauma · Academic · Addiction (Substance Abuse & Process Addictions) · Adjustment · Adoption · Alcohol Abuse · Alzheimer's and Dementia & Their Loved Ones · Anger Management · Anxiety/Panic · Bereavement · Career Concerns and Professional Development · Caregiver Support · Chronic Relapse · Codependency · Communication · Coping Skill Development · Depression · Divorce · Domestic Violence · Eating Disorders · Family Issues and Family of Origin Issues · Geriatric and Elderly · Grief (All forms of Grief and Loss) · Impulse Control · Infertility · LGBTQ · Life Transitions · Men's Issues · Mood Disorders · Obesity · Obsessive Compulsive Disorder · Offenders · Personal Growth and Development · Personality Disorders · Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) · Relationship Issues · Reproductive Issues · Self-Esteem Issues · Self-Harm · Separation from Significant Other · Stress Management · Substance Use · Suicide Ideation · Women's Issues  

You are not alone.