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My First Counseling Appointment

I've NEVER been in therapy!

Many of the folks I work with have never been in therapy. In fact, it was something they never seriously considered until things just became unbearable. And for many, thinking about actually going to counseling can be terrifying.

And then...they see me anyway. 

For many people, their first counseling session may be the first time they have ever experienced what it’s like to have a warm, accepting, compassionate listener. A person who is fully present in the moment with them. A listener who desires to know them understands them and can empathize with their pain. You too may want to share your story and finally feel the relief of unburdening yourself for holding in all of the turmoil inside of you.

Smoothing the path for you to share your story naturally. Complete secure online intake form before we meet!

I help make your first counseling session as smooth as possible.

I provide a secure online paperless intake form for you to complete before our first meeting. Allowing you to use your time in session more effectively. 

When we meet, you will be encouraged to share your story more naturally. 

You are then able to get the most out of our time together, as the required clinical documentation has already been taken care of before our first meeting.

Our first session together provides me with an opportunity to understand your experiences and learn more about you. Therefore, I'll probably ask additional questions.

You will have plenty of time to express yourself.

Although we may be able to save a significant amount of time by completing the paperwork in advance, I find the majority of new clients still require additional time.

I ensure you have time to disclose why you are seeking counseling, describing in-depth what has been occurring and how it has affected you thus far. 

You may also need extra time to adequately express yourself and be able to ask any questions you may have. 

For this reason, the first session is 90 minutes.