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Substance Use & Addiction

Learn to view yourself with compassion. Gain knowledge, skills & connect. Create a life you love!

Do you feel hopeless and powerless to stop using drugs or alcohol? Have you tried to quit using but have been unable to maintain your sobriety for any significant amount of time? Are your relationships falling apart? Is your career being affected by your behavior?

Are you sober but your life still lacks meaning, connections, and joy? 

Do you desire to create meaningful and lasting changes in the way you think, feel and behave? Do you wish to create lasting changes in the way you live?

If you are concerned about:

  • a recent increase in drugs or alcohol
  • been struggling to get sober for a while
  • have been sober but slipped
  • have been living in recovery but still, feel lost and dissatisfied with life

I can help you!

What would I be doing in therapy?

It’s up to you how you wish to use your time. However, I found that addressing these things over time can be extremely beneficial in supporting lasting change and achieving long-term recovery if that’s your desire.

  • Tell your story 
  • Explore  your experiences and relationship with drugs and alcohol
  • Determine your goals
  • Identify your level of motivation
  • Boot confidence
  • Name past successes, big and small
  • Discuss the steps you’ve taken in the past which helped you
  • Explore possible actions you could begin to make to support your goals
  • Point out and begin to address current challenges in your life
  • Solidify your goals
  • Together start to develop a concrete step-by-step plan of action to help your success

I create a safe place for you to share those past or present life experiences which influence your use of substances. 

Together we will assess all areas of your life to create a balanced living.

Let me help you heal, grow, and move towards positive lasting change. Don't wait any longer. Contact me today!

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Recovery Tips

Tips for Success on Your Journey Towards Recovery

Life can be chaotic and stressful. This can be especially true if your experiencing a new change, going through a difficult or painful life event, diagnosed with a mental health issue or have an addiction to substance(s).

  1. Accept recovery process is a journey - not a destination. Building the foundation of a life in recovery requires effort, courage, and determination. 
  2. Approach yourself and your past through a compassionate lens. You cannot change your past, but you CAN change your future.
  3. Knowledge is the key. Gain knowledge surrounding the ins and outs of addiction, the recovery process, concrete strategies and tools for healthy coping are the building blocks we will begin with.
  4. Talk a holistic approach to your healing and recovery process. Together we will identify any area of your life which deserves your attention. Creating practical small measurable steps you can take is vital.
  5. Know who you were, who you are and where you're going. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself will lead you to be able to live a recovery lifestyle.
  6. Lasting recovery happens through powerful support and connections. Connect with a sponsor, support group, counselor, friends, family and more! Seek out those who are compassionate, empathetic, encouraging and supportive and challenge you. 
  7. The cornerstone to your success will be the steps you take outside of the therapy office. Don’t panic! I know how that sounds. Impossible, right? Wrong.  I am here to walk with you take steps towards your true self and the life you want to live. 

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